Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between PNG, JPEG, PDF & SVG?
PNG: This is a high quality version of your logo and contains a transparent background - It therefore can be used on any color background. Most commonly used for digital purposes.

JPEG: The JPEG is somewhat smaller than the PNG in file size and contains a white background. We recommend using our uncompressed JPEG for printing purposes should it be required.

SVG: This version of your logo contains the 'raw' design. It can be re-sized to any size without loss in quality and exported in both PNG and JPEG. It is recommended that you give this file to a web or graphic designer should they be doing work for you. SVG requires vector editing software should you wish to edit and change it.
How do I download my Logo?
Your Logo will be emailed to you upon successful payment. You will be required to login should you want to download the high quality version of your Logo. To download your Logo please login and navigate to:

- My Account
- My Logos

After finding your purchase, click the View button. Choose your required version (PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG) and then click Download.
How do I re-size my logo?
By default, we supply our customers with a large PNG and JPEG version of their logo. However, there may come a time when you need to increase the size of the logo for other purposes such as vehicle signage, billboards, packaging, etc.

To increase the size of your logo you will need to open the SVG version of your logo in vector editing software. The SVG can then be exported and saved as either a PNG or JPEG with your new larger dimensions.

An example of online vector editing software can be found here:

A web or graphic designer will also be able to quickly and easily resize your logo for you.
I didn't receive an email with my Logo
Once you have successfully made payment you will receive an email containing two versions of your Logo (PNG & SVG). The Logo is attached to the email. Please check your spam folder if the email doesn't appear in your inbox.

You can also download the high quality version of your logo by logging into Logo Forge and navigating to:

- My Account
- My Logos

If you are still unable to find the email containing your logos please email for help.
Can I change the design of my Logo after purchase?
Yes. You will need vector editing software to edit and change your logo after purchase. A web or graphic designer will also be able to easily make changes to your Logo.

We recommend using online vector editing software such as if you wish to makes changes to the SVG version of your logo.

You can also redesign your Logo from scratch on Logo Forge - standard pricing applies.
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